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News & Media

A vivid portrait of American religious diversity through images, videos, voices, and selected news articles

Featured Films

Acting on Faith

Acting on Faith: Women’s New Religious Activism in America is a documentary film that offers an intimate look at the lives and work of three American women – one Buddhist, one Hindu, and one Muslim – for whom faith, activism, and identity are deeply intertwined.

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Becoming the Buddha in LA

With a focus on the increasing religious diversity of the U.S., this documentary film chronicles the experience of young Buddhists in Los Angeles as they participate in age-old traditions in a new context.

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Fremont, USA

Fremont, USA offers a glimpse of religious diversity and interfaith relations on the local level. This California city, transformed by new immigration, is home to diverse religious centers and innovative interfaith efforts. Yet Fremont also faces real challenges, especially after 9/11. How will this community respond? 

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Videos from "On Common Ground"

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Selected Media Sources

A growing list of independent publications related to religious diversity and interfaith relations in the United States. Publications related to minority religious communities are of special interest.

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Other Film & Video

A selection of independent films related to religious diversity and interfaith relations in America. Films related to the American Muslim and American Sikh experiences are of special interest.

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