Interfaith Infrastructure

"Interfaith Infrastructure" is the Pluralism Project's survey of interfaith efforts taking place across the U.S. While the term “interfaith” might include everything from informal personal relationships to formal meetings of religious leaders, this section takes a sharper focus on organizations. Many of these efforts are local, whether born out of crisis, context, or civic purpose; some focus on dialogue, activism, or education. Here, we offer a glimpse of an emerging interfaith movement by documenting a range of organizations working to foster engagement across lines of difference.

  • Explore innovative local interfaith efforts across the U.S. through our portraits of more than thirty Promising Practices
  • Visit our expanding directory of U.S. interfaith centers, and read more about select organizations in Centers by State
  • Learn more about national interfaith initiatives and peer research organizations, and our Interfaith Infrastructure study in Key Organizations 
  • Read our Interfaith Intrastructure study and more in Selected Resources