Current Initiatives

The Case Initiative

Our Case Initiative is an experiment to bring a more engaged pedagogy to the study of religious diversity and interfaith relations. Our starting points are the real dilemmas and decisions that emerge in our multireligious society. With an emphasis on the development of decision-based case studies, we provide resources to energize class discussion and create opportunities for critical thinking.

World Religions in Greater Boston

Our groundbreaking study of the changing religious landscape began in 1990 in our own backyard, the city of Boston. This work later expanded across the U.S. with the help of student researchers and affiliates. With the exponential growth of religious diversity, and the emergence of new mapping projects in other cities and towns, we have returned our focus to Greater Boston. We continue to research religious communities in Greater Boston, maintain a directory of local religious centers, and conduct special projects.

Interfaith Infrastructure

Our ongoing study of the new forms of interfaith encounter surveys the innovative interfaith efforts taking place in the United States today. Many of these efforts are local, whether born out of crisis, context, or civic purpose; some focus on dialogue, activism, or education. Here, we offer a glimpse of an emerging interfaith movement through the local and national organizations fostering engagement across lines of difference.

Website & Media

Our website offers quality educational content for religious literacy including: an introduction to the faiths and ethical traditions of the world in our Religions section; a chronicle of the historical and contemporary challenges of religious diversity and interfaith relations in our Encounter section; an exploration of the built environment through the Landscape section; and an examination the dilemmas of our multireligious society through the Case Initiative section. A curated selection of News & Media provide dynamic, regular updates to our extensive, award-winning website.

For past initiatives, please see our Mission & History or visit the archive.